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Welcome to Akureyri

Commonly known as the Capital of the North, Akureyri is a town with a rich history, surrounded by stunning landscapes and natural wonders. The colourful town was first established as a tiny fishing village and later stretched along the coast of Eyjafjörður fjord and up the steep hills above it. The result is a town of spectacular views, with the Akureyri church towering over it as the crowning jewel.

Akureyri at a Glance

Akureyri is a popular tourist destination for longer and shorter stays. The town itself offers a wide range of activities and exciting destinations, including notable museums, the world’s northernmost botanical garden, lively swimming pools and luxurious spas, an 18-hole golf course, the best skiing area in the country, and great hiking trails. To top it all off, the public bus system in Akureyri is free of charge, making it easy to get around these attractions!

The Capital of the North

In addition to in-town activities, the surrounding region has a wealth of attractions for travellers interested in exploring the many natural wonders of the north of Iceland. Snowy mountaintops, thundering waterfalls, volcanic landscapes, caves, and canyons surround the town. The area offers numerous exciting activities, such as skiing, rafting, hiking, caving, whale watching and horseback riding.

The Great Outdoors

For lovers of the outdoors, Akureyri and its surrounding area is paradise on earth. Those fond of hiking or cycling can enjoy its many paths and trails; Glerá river offers scenic walks along its banks, Mt. Súlur is great for a hike, and Hlíðarfjall is one of the best places in the country to go skiing. Strolling by the harbour or along the coastal path offers a refreshing breeze from the ocean and a glimpse of the region’s spectacular birdlife, while Kjarnaskógur forest will fill you with peace and serenity.

Akureyri has two geothermal swimming pools, perfect for kids and excellent for striking up a conversation with locals. Additionally, the surrounding area offers luxurious spas. Perhaps the most important attraction of Akureyri and the north is the people. The locals are friendly and proud of their town. Even stopping at a traffic light will bring a smile to your face: the red lights in Akureyri are in the shape of a heart.

Last updated on 9 May 2023.