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Thermal Pools in Akureyri

Thanks to copious amounts of geothermal heat, Iceland’s swimming pools, especially the hot tubs, keep us feeling warm, toasty, and relaxed all through the cold and dark winter, as well as the bright summers. Akureyri is no exception, and there are no less than two public swimming pools to be found in town and many more in the surrounding area and towns.

Akureyri Thermal Pool

The Akureyri Thermal Pool is a watery paradise for the whole family. It’s one of the most popular attractions in Akureyri and stays open all year round. The area contains two 25 m outdoor pools as well as a 12.5 m indoor pool.

Three new waterslides were added to the pool area recently and are already popular with the local children. Inside the building is a hot tub, and the outdoor area has three hot tubs with varying temperatures, up to 42°C. There’s also a refreshing cold tub, a wading pool for the kids and a steam bath. You will also find a hot tub with hydromassage, as well as a new wading pool and sunbathing area. In addition, there’s a play area for children in the surrounding park.


When Akureyri Thermal Pool is crowded on a sunny day, or when the weather is looking rainy or otherwise unappetising, Glerárlaug Thermal Pool is a great option. Glerárlaug Thermal Pool is perfect for those seeking an indoor pool or a smaller crowd than that of the bigger thermal pool in Akureyri. Its outdoor area features two hot tubs, a children’s wading pool, as well as outdoor dressing rooms.

Thermal pools in and around Akureyri

Akureyri Thermal Pool
Þingvallastræti 21, Akureyri / +354 461 4455
Open: Summer Mon-Fri 6:45am-9pm, Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 8am-7:30pm
Winter Mon-Fri 6:45am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-7pm

Glerárlaug Thermal Pool
Höfðahlíð, Akureyri / +354 462 1539
Open: Summer Mon-Fri 6:45am-9pm, Sat 9am-2:30pm, Sun closed
Winter Mon-Fri 6:45am-8am & 6pm-9pm,
Sat 9am-2:30pm, Sun 9am-12pm

Hrísey Thermal Pool
Austurvegi 5, Hrísey / +354 461 2255
Open: Summer Mon-Fri 10:30am-7pm, Sat 10:30am-5pm. Sun 8am-7:30pm
Winter Mon closed, Tue-Thu 3pm-7pm,
Fri 3pm-6pm, Sat-Sun 1pm-4pm

Grímsey Pool
Grímsey / +354 467 3155
Open: Mon-Fri 5-6.15pm, Sat-Sun closed.

Hrafnagil Thermal Pool
Hrafnagilskóli, Akureyri / +354 464 8140
Open: Summer Mon-Fri 6:30am-10pm,
Sat-Sun 10am-8pm
Winter Mon-Thu 6:30-8am & 2-10pm, Fri 6:30-8am & 2-7pm, Sat-Sun 10am-7pm

Þelamörk Thermal Pool
Þelamörk, Laugalandi / +354 460 1780
Open: Summer Sun-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-6pm
Winter Mon-Thu 5-10.30pm, Fri 5-8pm,
Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 11am-10.30pm

Last updated on 9 May 2023.