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Spas and Resorts Around Akureyri

The Forest Lagoon

What do you do when the discovery of a hot spring derails road construction? You move the road and open a geothermal resort instead, of course! The Forest Lagoon is just a few minutes’ drive from the centre of Akureyri, but it feels like you’re in a different world. With hot water spewing straight out of the rocky walls and surrounded by the trees and hills of north Iceland, the Forest Lagoon is a magical experience. 

Vaðlaskógur, Akureyri

+354 585 0090

The Beer Spa 

The Kaldi brewery in Árskógssandur is a short drive from Akureyri and offers the chance to try fresh brews right at the source. And you can bathe in it too! The hoppy liquid has properties that soothe the skin and relax the mind, and the beer tubs are perfect for couples looking for a relaxing getaway from the everyday hubbub of life. Dinner at the restaurant overlooking the water is the perfect end to a perfect day. 


+354 414 2828

The Mývatn Nature Baths

North Iceland’s answer to the famous Blue Lagoon, the milky waters and surrounding lava will look familiar from postcards and enticing holiday photos. But it’s real! The geothermal water is great for your skin, but a dip in the Mývatn nature baths is even better for your soul. Surrounded by Iceland’s geological wonders and black lava as far as the eye can see, the Nature baths are more than a spa: they’re a chance to witness Iceland’s nature at its finest. Close by are geothermal areas with bubbling cauldrons of mud and steam rising from the ground. 

Jarðbaðshólar, Mývatn

+354 464 4411


Húsavík is a charming town in northeast Iceland (the one from Netflix’s Eurovision film string Will Ferrell), popular for whale watching. The deep water of Skjálfandi Bay and the mountains on the other side of it make up the stunning view from the Geothermal Sea Baths. The modern baths are an architectural marvel, but the highlight of the whole experience is enjoying the view while letting the mineral-rich seawater nurture and soothe your skin.


+354 464 1210

Last updated on 9 May 2023.