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The Icelandic Aviation Museum

The Icelandic Aviation Museum is dedicated to aviation in Iceland, its history and development, from the first fumbling attempts at commercial aviation in 1919 to the mid- and late 20th-century airlines, some of which still operate, to the history of medical transport and the Icelandic Coast Guard. Aviation history is covered with photographs, artefacts, models and historic aircraft, including aeroplanes and helicopters, which some are in airworthy condition and fly in the annual air show held by the museum in June every year. Visitors are allowed to access the interior of a few of the aircraft.

Akureyri Airport

+354 4614400


Mid-May – Mid-Sep: Daily 11 am – 5 pm Mid-Sep – Mid-May: Sat 1-4 pm and by appointment

Last updated on 9 May 2023.