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Into the Arctic

Into the Arctic tells the history of life in the arctic. A collection of 11 different exhibitions, Into the Arctic covers different topics, such as the settlement of Iceland, the flora and fauna of the arctic, traditional life in the arctic as well as arctic expeditions through the years. To tell the story of the arctic, they employ photos, videos, a collection of birds, as well as historical artefacts, maps and so on. Everyone should be able to find something to pique their interest and if you need more information on any of the exhibitions, just ask the friendly staff. If you’re feeling hungry after exploring the exhibition, you’re in luck, Into the Arctic serves a delicious traditional Icelandic lunch every day of the week. 

Strandgata 53, Akureyri
+354 588 9050

Open: Mon-Fri 11-18 | Sat-Sun 11-17