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Akureyri Industry Museum

Akureyri has a long history of industry, producing everything from butter and canned goods to fashion from high-quality materials. The Akureyri Industrial Museum houses artefacts from the local industry of ages past, from margarine makers, printing presses and lathes, to sewing machines and watchmaker instruments.

The museum hosts a great number of tools from the “old factories,” which used to produce some of the most familiar Icelandic brands of food and household products. On the top floor of the museum, there is a display of the clothes and shoes produced in Akureyri in the past century, which every Icelander over a certain age is very familiar with.

Krókeyri, Akureyri 

+354 462 3600/897 0206 Open: Jun-August | Daily 10 am-5 pm, Sep-May |  Fri-Sun 10 am-5 pm

Last updated on 9 May 2023.