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Eat, drink and be merry

Smoked trout on dark, sweet rye bread is Lake Mývatn’s special dish and no trip to the north is complete without it. Bonus points if the rye bread was buried in the ground and cooked with geothermal heat!

Akureyri is still a fishing town and the fresh seafood is delicious, don’t leave town before you try it!

The Icelandic hot dog is a cultural institution. Every hot dog stand serves the classic hot dog with everything (raw and fried onions, ketchup, mustard and remoulade), but only in Akureyri can you get one with pickled red cabbage.

Akureyri is aptly named the “Béarnaise Capital of Iceland” because the locals put béarnaise sauce on practically everything. An Akureyri speciality is a pizza topped with sliced beef, French fries and a copious amount of béarnaise sauce!

Try some of Eyjafjörður’s very own Kaldi beer, brewed at Ársskógssandur. If you’re still feeling thirsty, Einstök beer and Segull 67 are also brewed here in the north. For a taste of Akureyri beer, drink Viking!

If drinking beer isn’t enough, you can also head up to Árskógssandur and bathe in it as well! The Kaldi Beer Spa offers beer-focused spa treatments as well as tasting menus in their adjoining restaurant.

Akureyri also has some international flavours for the discerning palate, you can try Indian, Chinese, Danish, Spanish, Thai and Japanese food with an Akureyri twist.