Restaurants in Akureyri

1862 nordic Bistro

Local Bistro menu, open Danish sandwiches, lamb and seafood dishes, selection of coffee, cakes & beverages, brunch buffet every Sunday and the unique patio view of Eyjafjörður – 1862 Nordic Bistro is the place to be. The restaurant focuses on dishes of Nordic origin with local food in leading role.

Hof, Strandgata 12, Akureyri
+354 466 1862 |

Akureyri Backpackers

Located in the heart of town, Akureyri Backpackers is a great place to meet other travellers, share stories and enjoy quality food and a great selection of beers. The menu is simple and tasty, with no formality or fanciness – just simple quality!

Hafnarstræti 98, Akureyri
+354 571 9050

Bakaríið við Brúna

Bakery and a café. Enjoy the best of what Icelandic bakeries have to offer. Great coffee shop and good prices. Located behind Glerartorg Shopping Center.

Glerareyrum 2, Akureyri
+354 461 2700 |


Strandgata 49, where Bryggjan resides, has a remarkable history. Built more than 140 years ago, it’s one of the oldest houses in town! At Bryggjan you’ll enjoy a beatiful scenery and great decorations, as well as quality food. Their pizzas are especially recommended!

Strandgata 49, Akureyri
+354 440 6600

DJ Grill

A place fitting many descriptions. It’s both homely and comfortable, yet new and exciting. Here you can sit down with the family, have burgers or sandwiches, as well as steaks, fish and chicken. DJ Grill is a great restaurant that can just as well dub as a Sport bar or a take-away place, that’s perfect when you need something quick!

Strandgata 11, Akureyri
+354 462 1800


World famous in Iceland for its excellent pizzas, Greifinn is a family run restaurant where a lot of time and energy is put into providing good service for a wide a range of client. Its good name is known to all those satisfied customers who have visited Greifinn time and again.

Glerárgata 20, Akureyri
+354 460 1600 |

The Hamburger Factory

Renowned for their square breads and burgers, the Hamburger Factory is on of Iceland’s favourite burger places. Located right in downtown Akureyri, here you can trust you’ll get a great burger, delicious ribs and a good service.

Hafnarstræti 87-89, Akureyri
+354 575 7575

Ísbúðin Akureyri -icecream and coffee

A brand new ice cream and coffee shop in the heart of Akureyri with a wide selection of soft ice cream, gelato, all kinds of specials and Slurpee’s and a selection of coffee drinks, fine pastries and light refreshments.

Geislagötu 10, Akureyri
+354 461 1112

Kung Fu express

A new and ambitious sushi, sandwich and salad place located in the heart of Akureyri, by the Ráðhústorg. They offer only the freshest ingredients available by land or sea and put an emphasis on quality. The place seats 15 persons, comfortably and also offer take-away both for individuals and for groups.

Ráðhústorg 3, Akureyri
+354 462 1400

Múlaberg bistro & bar

Located on one of the most scenic corners in town, Múlaberg is where the finest Icelandic ingredients meet bistro cuisine under French, Italian and Danish influences,. Múlaberg offers one of the greatest selections of wines, spirits and cocktails in the north of Iceland.

Hafnarstræti 87-89, Akureyri
+354 460 2020 |

Rub 23

First and foremost a seafood restaurant with a broad selection of dishes as well as sushi and some meat dishes. Rub23 has the goal to offer varied, simple but exciting choices for a broad group of customers.

Kaupvangsstræti 6, Akureyri
+354 462 2223 |


Located on the fifth (top) floor of Skipagata 14, downtown Akureyri, Strikið offers a fantastic view over the north and beyond. Featuring a diverse and elaborate menu, good food and good service, a visit here will be an experience to remember. The top floor balcony makes the meal even more memorable, especially on a good summer’s day.

Skipagata 14, Akureyri
+354 462 7100

other restaurants


Aurora Restaurant
Icelandair Hótel Akureyri
Þingvallastræti 23, Akureyri
+354 518 1000

Hafnarstræti 92, Akureyri
+354 462 1818

Indian Curry Hut
Hafnarstræti 100 b, Akureyri
+354 461 4242

Krua Siam
Strandgata 13, 600 Akureyri
+354 466 3800

Strandgötu 7, Akureyri
+354 571 9000

La Vita é Bella
Hafnarstræti 92, Akureyri
+354 461 5858

Silva Green Food
+354 851 1360 

Skipagata 2, Akureyri
+354 578 6400

Örkin hans Nóa
Hafnarstræti 22, Akureyri
+354 461 2100 / 863 1313

bars and cafés

Amts-Café Ilmur
Brekkugata 17, Akureyri
+354 862 4258

Bláa Kannan
Hafnarstræti 96, Akureyri
+354 461 4600

Hafnarstræti 98, Akureyri
+354 460 5930

Kaupvangsstræti 23, Akureyri
+354 896 6782

Café Amour
Ráðhústorg 9, Akureyri
+354 461 3030

Café Ilmur
Ingimarshús by Hafnarstræti, Akureyri | +354 571 6444

Café Laut – Botanical Garden
Eyrarlandsvegi 30, Akureyri
+354 461 4646

Akureyri airport, Akureyri
+354 462 5017

Græni hatturinn
Hafnarstræti 96, Akureyri
+354 461 4646

Hafnarstræti 95, Akureyri
+354 462 4747

Kaffi Akureyri café & bar
Strandgata 7, Akureyri
+354 461 3999

Kaffi Jónsson Café
Hafnarstræti 26, Akureyri
+354 461 1126

Kaffi Torg Café
Glerártorg, Gleráreyrar 1, Akureyri
+354 462 2200

Skipagötu 10, Akureyri

Te og Kaffi
Hafnarstræti 91-93, Akureyri
+354 540 2180

Wining & Dining in Akureyri