Wining & Dining in Akureyri

Akureyri’s restaurant scene is emerging with a unique palate all of its own, embracing the fresh ingredients Iceland offers at home. Icelandic chefs are keen to bring different cultures and cuisines to the local table.

A great many of outstanding kitchens can be found in Akureyri with an eye to different flavours using Iceland’s own bounty of seafood, lamb, wild game, organic, greenhouse vegetables and top-notch dairy products. Although fine dining is still popular among Iceland restaurants, many places are moving instead towards more traditional Icelandic “soul food”—fish balls, smoked lamb, plokkfiskur and rúgbrauð, mushy peas, red cabbage, salt cod steaks—the kind of hearty dishes you’d find the nation’s grandmothers cooking.

In Akureyri, you’ll find a variety of great restaurants to choose from, offering a vast selection of different styles of cuisine and different plates, such as a top-notch Spanish-style tapas place, with an Icelandic twist, using only local ingredients, a renowned modern seafood and sushi place, an Indian Curry Hut ( the name of that one is surprisingly logical by the way), as well as an assortment of fine dining, pizzas, pasta, Icelandic, international, traditional, modern and everything else in between.

Akureyri enjoys great access to local food productions, as the Eyjafjörður area is rich in agriculture and food production, for example, three (relatively) large meat production companies operate from Akureyri, as well as the country’s biggest producer of cheese. Furthermore there is rich culture of beer production, with Viking and Kaldi being located in and around Akureyri.

For such a small town, Akureyri definitely holds its own when it comes to restaurants, so you should have no worries, everyone will find something to their liking.

The Béarnaise Capital of Iceland

Akureyri is aptly named the “Béarnaise Capital of Iceland”. Why you ask? Because the locals put Béarnaise sauce on practically everything. Pretty much every restaurant in Akureyri will feature, to some extent, a Béarnaise menu, generally featuring a beef laden pizza, slathered in Béarnaise, or a hamburger of similar style. The Akureyrians loooove their Béarnaise.

Wining & Dining in Akureyri