The Herring Era

Siglufjörður is one of the northernmost towns of Iceland’s mainland and its fame and fortune has always been linked to the fishing industry.

Just a tiny shark fishing village in the 1900s, Siglufjörður soon became the undisputed capital of herring fishing in the north Atlantic with more than 10.000 inhabitants at times. Although the herring has long since disappeared, the town bears the distinct imprint of “The Herring Era,” which can be seen during the annual The Herring Era Festival, when people salt fish on every corner and dance in the town square.

The harbour in Siglufjörður has long been considered one of the best in Iceland. As early as the middle ages, English and Dutch fishing and merchant ships favoured Siglufjörður and by mid-century, over 500 boats were active in the local herring fishing fishery. By 1970, the old wooden shelters were replaced by permanent concrete. The harbour remains popular with fishing boats and cruise ships to this day.

Siglufjörður and Ólafsfjörður fjords are connected by a new tunnel and tourists can find many interesting things for amusement in both places.

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