Mysterious Retreat

When you drive through the road tunnel entering the village and see Ólafsfjörður in front of you, you will no doubt feel the majestic, mysterious quality of the surroundings.

The mountains around the fjord are high and steep, with many beautiful hanging valleys—tempting destinations for hikers. The waters of Ólafsfjörður Lake reflect the town, the mountains and the sky, and occasionally a trout breaks the surface—a reminder of the treasures of the deep. The lake itself has a long-lived reputation for mystery, not least because both fresh-water and salt-water fish are caught in it.

The highest sea cliff in Iceland, Hvanndalabjarg (630 m.), where seabirds fill the air, lies west of the fjord. Further out toward the open sea, Héðinsfjörður, which is an ideal place to throw out a fishing line, appears.

In winter, various ski facilities are open in the area. Snowmobile trips into valleys and the ice-covered lake are organized by local snowmobile companies.

Ólafsfjörður is also the host of an annual blues festival.

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