Nature at its Best

Formed after a massive eruption over 2000 years ago, Mývatn and the surrounding area has become one of the most popular destination for those visiting the nearby areas of Akureyri.

Mývatn has a lot to offer such as mud pools, a nature bath similar to the Blue Lagoon, geothermal caves, the 2500 year old tephra crater (Hverfjall or Hverfell – no one knows which name to use), pseudo craters, as well as the lake itself.

Around the lake there are multiple wetlands which is what makes this location ideal for bird-watching where over 115 species of birds have been sighted, amongst those the Barrow’s goldeneye and Harlequin ducks.
Mývatn is located about 90 km from Akureyri, so it should take roughly over an hour to drive. There are multiple bus routes that go from both Akureyri and Húsavík, some of them offering tours around the area.
Make sure you check out: Dimmuborgir, Námaskarð, Leirhnjúkur and Hverfjall/Hverfell.

Other Neighboring Towns of Akureyri