Whale Capital of Iceland

A small town of 2.500 inhabitants, Húsavík is nestled on the slopes of a mountain by the Skjálfandi bay.

Húsavík is historically a fishing town, but in recent years tourism has become the more dominant industry. The bay is one of few in Iceland where one can spot a blue whale, the largest animal in the world, in addition to other native species such as minke whale and as a result, whale watching is a very growing and flourishing industry in the area.

The town also features a number of museums , such as the Whale Museum which features 9 full-sized skeletons, the Civic Museum featuring natural as well as historic relics, the Maritime museum featuring a number of large and impressive boats amongst other things, and the exploration museum, featuring an exhibition of the Apollo astronaut training in the area, as well as studies of other historic frontiers.

The town is also noted for its church built in 1907 in the “Schweitzer” style.

Other Neighboring Towns of Akureyri