The Pearl of Eyjafjörður

Hrísey, the pearl of Eyjafjörður, is known for its beautiful nature, diverse bird life and many pleasant walking trails. A good way to get to know the island is to take one of the so ever-popular tractor sightseeing tours, strike up a conversation with one of the 170 inhabitants of the island or just walk around and enjoy the scenery on your own two feet.

Hírsey is the second largest island off the coast of Iceland after Heimaey in the Westman Islands, and it has been continuously inhabited since the settlement of Iceland in the 9th century.

It is particularly famous as a bird watching haven. Since there are no natural predators of birds on the island it forms a natural bird sanctuary, making it ideal for its 40 native species of birds, including ptarmigan, arctic tern and eider duck.

To get to Hrísey, there’s a regular ferry which takes 15 min on sea, from Ársskógssandur harbor (25 min drive from Akureyri).

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