Fish and Fun

Dalvík is a community in Eyjafjörður with a whopping population of nearly 2000 people. Tourism is a fast growing industry in Dalvík, which has the Cultural house Berg, a folk museum, a great swimming pool, the Birdland exhibition, a golf course, whale watching, horseback riding and much more to offer. Hiking is a popular sport there and the surrounding mountains of the Troll peninsula make an excellent scene for hikers.

The folk museum comprises thousands of items in addition to the exhibitions about earthquakes; Kristján Eldjárn, former president of Iceland, and Jóhann Svarfdælingur, aka “Johann the Giant,” the tallest man in Iceland’s history. The museum also has a natural history collection, where the polar bear is the most popular attraction.

If you are visiting the area during winter, you could consider doing some Arctic Helicopter Skiing on Tröllaskagi (“Troll Peninsula”). The potential for world class downhill skiing is mind blowing, with thousands of slopes and peaks waiting for the first skiers, with vertical descents of up to 1500m or almost 5000ft.

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