Akureyri on Bike or Bus

In a town such as Akureyri, there are of course countless things to see and experience, that are best accessible by different methods of transportation. Akureyri really has it all, whether you prefer to walk, bike or travel by bus. In fact – the city buses are free in Akureyri, making that a great choice, especially if combined with walking. So whatever your favorite method is, walking, biking or driving, you’ll have no shortage of options for either here.

Akureyri by bike

There are a number of glorious paths along the coast (including Glerárgata to the north and Drottningarbraut to the south) that will take you around the Akureyri area. Another popular attraction is Kjarnaskógur woodlands and valley, a lush, green nature preserve close to the centre. Here you find the first tailor-made mountain bike path in the country inaugurated in the summer of 2008. The round trip is about twelve kilometres.

Biking is a great way to get to know Akureyri. Bike tours are organized year round (bikes and helmets provided). Or if you’re up for a real adventure (and less pedalling) then rent a scooter to zoom along the coast and the wilderness on the outskirts of town. Get a tour around the city with a friendly guide and bring your kids along too.

Akureyri by bus (strætó)

These giant, yellow bananas ploughing through the town are the cheapest way to get around Akureyri. How can we claim it’s the cheapest? Surely walking is always cheaper? Well not in this occasion – as in Akureyri the city buses are free! Maps are available at bus stations and tourist information centres. Most bus stops with a shelter also include a route map.

Operating hours: Daily from 06:25 to 23:03 on weekdays and from 12:49 to 18:36 on weekends and holidays. Schedules during weekends depend upon time of year, for further information check the waiting shelter at the Ráðhústorg (City Hall Square) or call 462 4929. There is no bus service on Good Friday, Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Things To Do in Akureyri