Things To Do in Akureyri

The foodie, the outdoorsman, the thrill-seeker, the bird lover, the music fan, the historian: no matter what you’re interested in, Akureyri has a wide range of activities and day tours to suit any visitor.

Whether you’re looking to ride the unique Icelandic horse (it’s small, cute and has 5 gaits!), soaking in the natural geothermal hot water of Iceland, or wanting to catch the magnificent giants of the ocean up close and personal, a good starting point is the Official Tourist Information Center in town. There you can talk directly to the experts of the area and get their recommendation on what’s best to do at that particular season, as summertime Akureyri, with its midnight sun, is really nothing like wintertime Akureyri, where it’s Northern Lights galore and a skiers paradise!

The Akureyri region is a paradise for bird watchers, boasts one of Iceland’s best skiing areas and is just a short drive from a multitude of varied activities, such as white river rafting, quad biking, snowmobiling, hiking, diving, so on and so forth, so the options are endless.

In this chapter we’ve highlighted some of the activities and things to do that the area is best known for, such as the Northern Lights, swimming and skiing. Bear in mind that this is just a sample, and no doubt there are countless other adventures to experience in Akureyri and the nearby area.

Have fun visiting Akureyri and make sure you make the most of your trip!

Things To Do in Akureyri