Downtown Akureyri

Downtown Akureyri is the beating heart of the town, where you’ll find the greatest density of independent cafés, restaurants and shops—from handmade sushi to the latest in Icelandic music. Although most shops are lined up on Hafnarstræti and Skipagata, if you wander out into the residential areas you’ll find some smaller shops, bistros and galleries. Here you’ll also find bus stations, taxi stands and tourbooking centres.


The main shopping street Hafnarstræti stretches between the Town Hall Square and Hótel Kea, although most shops thin out towards the southern end. You’ll find street-wear, high fashion, local music and art, quirky souvenirs, cool Icelandic design and all kinds of food and bars along the strip as well as trendy passers-by. People-watching here is a must: morning, noon and night.


This is the main square in Akureyri where you’ll always find something going on. Cosy coffeehouses, galleries, travel agencies as well as jewellery shops and even the cinema for a late night movie. This is a great place for poking around and doing a puzzle over a cup of coffee.


Branching off the Town Hall Square and leading down towards the seafront and Hof- Cultural & Conference Centre is Skipagata, which is a bit tinier and shorter than Hafnarstræti, you’ll find the bank and shops with an emphasis on arts and crafts.

Glerártorg mall

Located just a few minutes’ walk from the town centre, lies Akureyri’s prestigious shopping mall –Glerártorg. Built in the year 2000, here you can find a selection of local fashion stores, cafés, restaurants, outdoor and sports stores, a supermarket and much, much more. Glerártorg is definitely the place to stop for the avid shopper in Akureyri – in reality being the only shopping mall in Akureyri. So if you have some time to spend and want to do some shopping – make sure to stop by Glerártorg!