The Old Turfhouse Laufás

The heritage site Laufás is mentioned in historical records soon after the settlement of Iceland (874-930) being a renowned church site and chieftain’s residence. The existing church was built in 1865 and among its special items is a pulpit from 1698. Laufás was rebuilt in an ambitious style in 1853-1882 and is an example of the gabled farmhouse, although significantly larger than the ordinary farmhouses of the time. The Laufás farmhouse is furnished with household items and utensils from the period. One of Laufás characteristics is the Bridal room where brides prepared themselves for the big event.

Laufás Visitor Centre has a cosy atmosphere and additional information about nature, wildlife and history of the vicinity. Local handcraft and souvenir shop and refreshments.

Family friendly visit – Icelandic ponies every Sunday 14-16 free of charge.

The old turf house is part of the National Museum’s Historic Buildings Collection.

Grýtubakkahreppur, Akureyri
+354 463 3194 / 895 3172

Open: Jun—Aug | Daily 9-17

Adults (18+) 1200 ISK | Groups (10+) 960 ISK
Day Pass 2000 – Annual pass 3000
30 km from Akureyri / 20 km from Goðafoss