Museums & Galleries

For such a small town, Akureyri abounds with museums, galleries and other cultural institutions. You can discover a quirky, young artist at the Center for Visual Arts, get a feel for the cultural history and daily lives of people in Eyjafjörður at the Akureyri Museum, and finish the day at any of the great workshops and galleries scattered over town.

Akureyri and the surrounding area, offers a vast array of museums, and a few of them actually being quite unique in Iceland, such as the Icelandic Aviation Museum, The Motorcycle Museum of Iceland, the Icelandic Folk and Outsider Art Museum (featuring a stunning 4100 works!) and the Sverrir Hermannsson’s Sundry Collection.

Furthermore, of particular interest are the houses of the poets and writers, Nonni, Davíð Stefánsson and Matthías Jochumsson, but three of the most influential writers of Icelandic history lived in Akureyri – these houses now serve as museums, dedicated to each of the writers.

For further information on exhibition schedules, opening hours and more museums of interest, please refer to or stop by at the official Tourist Information Centre, at Hof Cultural House.

A Fun Fact About Akureyri: Stone-Tins

steinblikk_2To protect wooden houses from the elements of nature, they were often covered with corrugated iron, stone tiles or even rough cast. Around the year 1930, a master carpenter imported pre-pressed iron plates from ‘Murica, which quickly became a popular material on houses. These plates were called stone-tins, as they looked similar to stone. The Stone-tins turned out to last very well, being a mix of copper and iron, that weathered less than the corrugated iron. Still today, there are many houses in Akureyri sporting stone-tins, which definitely make a distinct impression on the look and feel of the town.