Akureyri Event Calendar

June 2015


Grímsey // June 6th-7th
Grímsey Day takes place at the beginning of June each year. An annual fest focusing on old traditions from Grímsey. Collecting eggs, boat tours, childrens games, seek out the eggs of the Artic Tern, enjoy seasonal local food, music etc.

fisherman’s day

Akureyri // June 7th
This event takes place on the first Sunday in June. Fishing has always been very important to the Icelandic way of living and as Akureyri houses one of the largest fishing companies in Iceland the day is celebrated with various events. Fishing vessels stay docked in the harbour during the celebrations, so that the sailors can spend the day with their families.

hiking week

Akureyri // June 8th-12th
Short two up to three hours walks suitable for most people.

Vaka Folk Festival – Nordic Art Festival

Akureyri // June 10th-13th
VAKA folk festival presents the best and brightest of traditional folk song, music, dance and handcraft from Iceland, Scandinavia and the British Isles. The festival will feature 4 days and nights of non-stop music making and dancing under the midnight sun.


Akureyri // June 16th-21st
Bíladagar is one of the largest motor sports events held in Iceland and is an annual celebration of all cars, motorbikes and general motor sport vehicles from around Iceland. Races, drag racing, displays and much more fills the timetable.

Icelandic national day

Iceland // June 17th
The National Day of Iceland which is on the 17th of June is very important celebration for the people of Akureyri as it is to all the people of Iceland, as this is the day the Republic of Iceland was formed. The town is decorated with flags and a full celebratory program starts at 13.00 and runs until midnight, suitable for all ages.

Aviation Festival

Akureyri // June 20th
A good opportunity to view new and old air crafts of many kinds and even see some of them in action. Perfect opportunity for families to have a good time.

summer solstice

Grímsey // June 21st
The inhabitants of Grímsey, Iceland’s northernmost inhabited island and the only part of the country that lies above the Arctic Circle, celebrate the summer solstice on the 21st of June Visitors can experience the extreme beauty of the Island of Grímsey along with the locals in the midnight sun and watch thousands of puffins in flight and nesting. Grímsey has one of the largest puffin colonies in Iceland.

arctic open golf tournament

Akureyri // June 25th-27th
This international golf tournament takes place at the end of June around Summer Solstice. One of the northernmost 18 hole golf course in the world hosts the annual Artic Open Golf Tournament yearly. It is an international event which attracts golfers from various parts of the world. A game of midnight golf seems an unlikely prospect to many enthusiasts and few golfers have experienced this delight. But now you have a novel opportunity to participate in an event which features round the clock golf in mid-summer at high latitudes.

Grímsey Festival
Vaka Folk Festival
Vaka Folk Festival
Icelandic National Day
Icelandic National Day
Aviation Festival
Aviation Festival
Arctic Open
Arctic Open
Hrísey Festival
Medievil Trade Weekend
Medievil Trade Weekend

July 2015

folk music festival

Siglufjörður // First week of July
Many of the best musicians of Iceland will perform at the festival, be they folk, jazz, traditional, or classical musicians. Guests can enjoy a variety of workshops and seminars, for children as well as grown-ups.

n1 football tournament

Akureyri // July 1st-3rd
A tournament that has become very strong in junior football where 1,500 boys, with families, meet and play each year.

pollamót Football Tournament

Akureyri // July 3rd-4th
The “Pollamót” is an annual sporting event held by Icelandair and Þór football club at the beginning of July. It is a football tournament for adult people who want to show they haven’t lost their touch.

the 24 peaks in 24 hours hike

Akureyri // July
The 24 peaks in 24 hours hike is an ambitious annual hiking event in July. The challenge is set in July to try and experience the best conditions for hiking in the Glerá Valley.

hrísey festival

Hrísey // July
This festival takes place in the middle of July each year. Enjoy a family friendly festival which includes a “surprise tour of the island” beach tour, campfire and songs. Hrísey is the pearl of Eyjafjordur with a rich birdlife and excellent hiking. Catch the ferry from Árskógsströnd for a 15 min trip over to the island.


Akureyri // July 16th-19th
An annual motorbike meeting is held in Akureyri in late July. The motorbike club Tian (The Ten) organises this event , it offers a diverse programming to suits all who have a passion for motorbikes.


Gásir // July 17th-19th
Gásir was the main trading post in northern Iceland during the Middle Ages, and the place is mentioned many times in Old Icelandic Sagas. Gásir comes to life during these summer festival days with iron forgers, noisy local and foreign traders, children’s laughter, songs and food.

August 2015

ein með öllu family festival

Akureyri // July 30tg-August 2nd
The main theme is one of romance with a dash of nostalgia. However there should be something for everyone. The name means literally “One with everything”, which is the most popular order when buying an Icelandic hot dog! During the festival, a variety of entertainment can be enjoyed by all. There is an open air concert downtown Akureyri every night. Our aim with this festival is for everyone to have a great time, young and old.


All you can eat – for free! – everybody is invited to a seafood buffet. Fish producers and other members of society invite guests to a seafood buffet to enjoy a good day at the harbour in Dalvík.
A cruise in the fjord, art shows, street theatre and music of all kinds throughout the day in a beautiful environment with spectacular mountains as backdrop.


Hrafnagil // August 6th-9th
Held at the school Hrafnagilsskóli, south of Akureyri for the 20th time, the Arctic Handicraft and Design Iceland is one of a kind. About 100 individuals are selected to sell their exclusive handicrafts, art and design that often are based on the old Icelandic traditions.

akureyri town festival

Akureyri // August 28th-30th
Akureyri Town Festival is held on the last weekend of August on the occasion of Akureyri’s birthday at the end of August. The theme Akureyri Town Festival 2013 was multiculturalism as people from more then sixty ethnicities live in Akureyri.

Fish Festival
Arctic Handcraft and Design
Arctic Handcraft and Design
Akureyri Town Festival
Akureyri Town Festival
Local Food Festival North Iceland
Local Food Festival North Iceland
Advent & Christmas
Advent & Christmas
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve

Winter 2015

Ladies Day

Akureyri // October 8th-11th 
Even in the harshest time of winter it’s nice to have a reason to celebrate. On Konudagur, “Ladies Days”, men must remember to treat their partners with something nice, flowers and chocolates are always popular. Get pink and shimmery and enjoy Ladies Days with concerts, exhibitions and everything women love.

Local Food Festival North Iceland

Akureyri // October 17th-18th
The exhibition North Iceland Local Food Festival 2015 will be held in the Sports Stadium in Akureyri days 17 and 18 October. The festival has been held every other year with an attendance records set in 2013 when 13-15 thousand people visited the exhibition. Few events are as popular and the festival also attracts visitors from all parts of the country. The Local Food Festival exhibition is held to reflect the strength of the North as the largest food production area of ​​the country and therefore is  the festival an ideal presentation platform that companies and individuals in the sector can use to draw attention to the production, cuisine, catering, food tourism and trade associated with this indurstry.

Advent & Christmas

Akureyri // December 1st-26th

There is plenty on offer for visitors at this charming time of year. Visit the quaint Jólagarðurinn (The Christmas Garden), which is only a 10-minute drive from Akureyri, check out exhibitions, concerts, theatre and markets or explore the fantastic winter landscape around Akureyri. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you can enjoy a traditional Icelandic Christmas dinner at some of the best restaurants in town, and taste the local Icelandic delicacies.

New year’s Eve

Akureyri // December 31st

In Akureyri, the New Year is celebrated in the traditional Icelandic way, which, of course, calls for an enormous bonfire, great music, dancing and a whole lot of fireworks. The bonfire at Réttarhvammur (way up on Hlíðarfjall ski centre, which is open during New Year), kicks of the celebration at 8 pm, and an hour later a wonderful firework display follows. In town, there are concerts and dances way into the early hours of the morning, and leading up to the midnight hour, thousands of fireworks will light up the sky above Akureyri, creating a unique atmosphere and welcoming in a New Year.  There are also tour operators working, so check out our tour section to book a jeep, gourmet, hiking, horse riding, snow scooter or a northern light tour during this magical night.

Winter 2016


Akureyri // January 6th
January 6th (Twelfth Night)  is celebrated as the last day of Christmas in Iceland. The 13 Yule lads start going back up to the mountains on Christmas day, one by one, the last one leaving on 6th of January, marking the end of the Christmas season. This day is celebrated in a similar way to New Year’s Eve, but on a smaller scale with festive dinners, bonfires and fire-works.

Iceland Winter Games

The Winter Games is a international freeski and slopestyle competition and the Winter Festival presents all kinds of winter sports, tours and events.


Akureyri // March
Easter in Akureyri is an unforgetable experience. Whether you fancy going to a concert, a trip down the ski slopes of Hlíðafjall, a swim in one of the best pools in the country or treat yourself to a good meal or drink, Akureyri is the right place.

Ak Extreme-Snowboarding competition

The festival was first held in 2002 as part of the idea to create a snowboard festival in Akureyri. For three days the best snowboarders/skiers in Iceland get together organising this event and hundreds of people turn out to watch the show.

Donald Duck Ski Competition

Akureyri // April
The competition was first held in 1976 and has become a highly successful annual event. The Donald Duck games are a family affair enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Museums Day in Eyjafjord

The numerous and interesting museums in the fjord organize different programs and open their doors collectively to the public.

Iceland Winter Games
AK Extreme
AK Extreme